Replica Elephant Life-Size Mount

Realistic. Unique. Yours.

Our Elephant replicas are built to recreate the look of a real, live Elephant. To do that, we’ve developed an in-house, proprietary process as an alternative to other plastic-looking Elephant replicas on the market. Using our unique process, we are able to reproduce a finish that mimics the look and texture of real skin.

  • Custom built to match your Elephant
  • Many pose options to choose from
  • Incredible detail
Elephant Replica

Hand Crafted Detail

Every Elephant replica we build is unique.  They are customizable from scars and tears in the ears to tusks size, coloration, and unique markings.  Using field photos and measurements, our replicas are designed to look like the real thing.

Elephant replicas are customized to fit your specific pose preference, display space, and vision. We have options from shoulder mounts, floor pedestal mounts, and life-size mounts.

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