Whether we’re positioning a leopard in an acacia tree or setting an ibex on a rocky outcropping, each one of our scenic environments are accurate, lifelike, and vibrant, giving your mount a natural, authentic outdoor feel.

Our capabilities in creating scenic environments are constantly expanding as we innovate and create new proprietary products and techniques. These capabilities include rockwork and indoor mountains, replicated trees, foliage and terra firma, water features, animatronics, lighting and sound.

Most of our scenic projects involve the comprehensive design of an entire environment that best displays your custom taxidermy mounts. However, we occasionally undertake painted murals and trophy room design as separate services.

Additional Scenic Services

You are indeed an artist who pays attention to details in recreating the life-like features of the animals. I know it’s not the easiest thing to do. I hope to do more hunts in the future and hope to call upon you for the mounts.

Lee G.

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